Young Driver Insurance

Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd has teamed up with Marmalade Young Driver insurance to offer excellent young driver cover and premiums.

Just click on one of the links below to find out more and arrange your cover today or Contact Campton on 01883 742460;

New Driver Insurance

This is a 12 month black box* policy for drivers aged 17-24, cars up to 9 years old with a max engine size of 1.4.

* Your driving record will be monitored using a GPS signal to review driving habits i.e. braking and accelerating. There are no curfews or questions asked about where you are travelling! Some other insurance companies increase the rate when you pass your test. This Policy provides annual cover and will not change when you pass your test. A full review is done at the next renewal.

Learner Driver Insurance

This is a short term bolt on policy for learner drivers, so they can insure themselves on their parent’s car. Typically costs around £80pcm and claims made don’t affect the main driver so it doesn’t ruin their no claims bonus. The car has to have a main insurance already in place.

Cars For Young Drivers

This is a "Car+Insurance" package, we provide a selection of cars and finance options then sell this with the first year’s insurance for free (or a contribution for postcode areas we don’t insure). Very useful for customers who have a car over 9 years old and are getting quotes for thousands for the insurance on it.

Student Driver Insurance

This works in a similar way to Learner Insurance. It’s for students who are back at the end of term and want to drive mum or dad’s car for a few weeks. They need to be over 18 and have one of those email addresses that end in ‘’ to qualify. It’s a bit pricier than learner because it’s for full UK licence holders, so it tends to work out at about £200pcm (shorter durations are available too).

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