Motor Insurers Database

All insurers must provide details of your motor insurance policy to the Motor Insurance Database (MID). It’s no longer enough just to be insured, all vehicles must be listed on the MID.

The role of the MID

Data from the MID is used by police to help combat uninsured driving. If your details haven’t been entered on the MID you may be stopped by the police. There’s a risk that your vehicle could be seized if the correct details haven’t been registered.

For private individuals it’s the responsibility of the insurance provider to get details of a policy or changes on MID within seven days of the effective date.

For company vehicles it’s the responsibility of the policy holder to ensure that their company vehicle details are provided for MID. To find out more about this please contact your insurance provider.

Check your vehicle is on the MID

It’s now possible to check that your vehicle is registered on the MID. Simply log-on to Askmid and follow the instructions. You can confirm quickly and easily that your vehicle insurance details have been entered.

All you have to do is enter your vehicle’s registration number and to confirm that the vehicle is registered, owned or insured by either you or your employer and regularly driven by you. Then press enter and the system will instantly tell you whether or not a policy for your vehicle is recorded on the system.

It’s the responsibility of your insurance company to ensure that the details of your policy are recorded on the MID. If askmid has no record of your motor insurance on the system you should contact your insures or broker immediately.

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