Personal Legal Expenses

You may think that you are unlikely to ever end up in a legal dispute and even if you did Legal Aid would cover the costs. However, a dispute with a neighbour, faulty goods or a holiday from hell could leave you with no means of enforcing your legal rights or gaining compensation.

Consulting a solicitor can cost anything from £75 to £150 an hour; even more if the case is specialised. Falling back on Legal Aid is not an option any more as it is only available to a small minority. The prospect of becoming involved in complicated legal disputes and appointing a solicitor can be daunting and often deters people from bringing a legal case.

Commercial Legal Expenses

The need for Legal Expenses Insurance

  • Business is becoming increasingly litigious
  • Every year there are more that 100,000 employment tribunal cases
  • Ongoing alterations to employment and taxation legislation are a new complication for businesses
  • Red tape binds businesses and is getting worse

Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd has teamed up with Abbey Legal Protection to offer Commercial Legal Protection Insurance which provides access to legal solutions and legal protection, delivered efficiently at an affordable price.


  • With Abbey Legal’s Commercial Legal Protection Insurance you have an insurance product that is also an employment and legal risk management tool
  • You are insured against legal costs should a dispute arise
  • Covers can be packaged to provide a number of elements and different types of legal insurance cover
  • Covers can be provided on a single tailored risk basis for larger corporate entities - precise cover targeted to where the business is exposed
  • Legal advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by professional barristers and solicitors
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