Travel Insurance

There are various different types of travel policies available to you through Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Limited so before you spend your money please ask yourself some simple questions;

How often do you go abroad each year?

Family summer holiday, skiing winter holiday, day trips to France - if you go abroad more than twice a year then an annual travel policy may be the best for you.

Do you travel with your family?

If you travel abroad more than twice a year with your family then an annual family travel policy may be the best policy for you.

Do you travel abroad on business?

You may need extra cover for business documents or delayed flights.

If you are unsure which type of policy is best for you, please call us on 01883 742460, or email our travel team. Alternatively, please write to Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd, 126 High Street, Godstone, Surrey RH9 8DX.

Campton have teamed up with Voyager Insurance to provide Instant Online Travel Insurance cover. Click to use the Voyager Online Quote system

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