Personal Motor Insurance

Campton can insure your car, commercial vehicle or motorcycle. Our software compares the market of over 50 motor insurance schemes.

Car Insurance

You now have 2 ways to get a Car Insurance quote through Campton Insurance;

  1. Contact Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd for a quotation and we will compare policies and advise you on the most suitable product (an advised quotation)
  2. Click here for Young Driver Insurance

To obtain an ADVISED quotation that we recommend to you based upon your demands and needs, contact Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd during normal office hours. A good Insurance Broker will recommend the most suitable insurance product based upon your demands and needs. At Campton Insurance we have over 200 years experience in all types of insurance and know which policies fit your requirements. We pay for "price comparison" software which initially shows us the cheapest policy from over 50 products, but "cheapest" is not always the best - We have taken a decision not to recommend "economy" policies because they often equal "false economy". Rest assured Campton Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd will advise you on the most suitable product.

A note from David Jarrold, Managing Director;

"The car insurance market is highly competetive and insurers are after your money! Take a look at your local Yellow Pages under "Insurance - Car" I found 192 companies trying to get your car insurance business in mine! Will you contact them all? Of course not.

So why not call an Insurance Broker like Campton Insurance who analyses the market from a range of insurers, obtaining over 40 quotations to find you the cheapest? But note we do not stop there - the cheapest is not always the best, as so many people have found out. We only deal with reputable companies and will advise you on the best policy at the right price, based on your individual requirements. We even take out Professional Indemnity insurance in case we give you incorrect advise! But in 40+ years of business we have never had a claim made against us!"

We are also able to offer temporary car or van insurance

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