Personal Belongings

Personal Belongings cover INSIDE your motor caravan

Campton now compare a number of insurers premium and cover. The Personal Belongings cover may differ from that detailed below – Please check your individual quotation for exact cover and limits.

The Campton Motor Caravan Insurance Policy provides Personal Belongings cover of up to £3000 with a single article limit of £200 whilst in your motor caravan. This section of the Policy is designed to cover your clothing, pots and pans, cutlery and sundry items kept INSIDE your motor caravan. They are not covered outside your motor caravan.

Personal Belongings cover OUTSIDE your motor caravan

As for portable electrical equipment (cameras, video equipment, laptops and satellite navigation) and jewellery, this is where your household policy comes in. These items should be covered under the All Risks section of your household policy to cover them whilst outside your home (usually worldwide, but check your policy, or speak to a Broker such as Campton). You should keep these possessions with you at all times. Your household policy will cover them inside your motor caravan whilst you are in it, but may not when it is unattended. Your household policy will cover all your personal belongings in your possession whilst outside your home and motor caravan.

Motor Caravan Magazine Insurance Report

In the March 2008 issue of Motor Caravan Magazine a report on Motor Caravan Insurance suggested that people check their house insurance policy “which will probably be priced more competitively and will cover many of what can be termed ‘household goods’” & “often your home contents policy will be both wider and at a better premium”. The Motor Caravan Magazine was correct when it said “Check your home policy” but who reads their policy these days? Have you organised your home insurance on-line? Can you speak to someone who can answer that question – Does my home insurance cover personal belongs inside my motor caravan whilst unattended? Well, a good insurance Broker such as Campton insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd does.

In so far as the Campton Motor Caravan Policy goes the addition of Personal Belongings does not increase the premium – the premium is based on the vehicle. One of the reasons for providing the cover is because of the ambiguity in a household policy as to whether theft cover is provided from an unattended vehicle. The Campton interpretation of the following Household Insurance Policy Exclusion wordings below is that theft cover is not guaranteed from an unattended motor caravan;

Aviva Household Policy

Excludes Theft from an unattended vehicle (other than from a locked and concealed boot, concealed luggage compartments or closed glove compartment of a securely locked vehicle which has been broken in to by using force and violence) up to £1000 per incident.

Zurich Household Policy

Excludes theft from an unattended motor vehicle unless the vehicle was securely locked and the property was hidden in a glove or luggage compartment. Up to £1500.

Ageas Household Policy

Excludes loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft from an unattended vehicle unless;

  • The item is kept in a locked covered boot or glove compartment
  • All access points to the vehicle are closed and locked
  • Any extra security systems are turned on there is evidence that forced and violent entry took place.

So Campton have negotiated the addition of Personal Belongings to our Motor Caravan policy as detailed above.

Note – You must make sure that your Household Insurance is EXTENDED to include Personal Possessions (or All Risks) outside the home. This is not always automatically included.
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