Motorhome Types

UK manufactured Motor Caravans

A 'motor caravan' is "a motor vehicle (not being a living van) which is constructed or adapted for the carriage of passengers and their effects and which contains, as permanently installed equipment, the facilities which are reasonably necessary for enabling the vehicle to provide mobile living accommodation for its users. Motor Caravan are not classed as Goods Vehicles for MOT purposes.

American Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

The acronym of Recreational Vehicle, RV, is of North Amercan English origin and used to describe a vehicle designed as temporary living quarters used for personal recreation, camping, holiday or travel and not in connection with any commercial or business enterprise.


We can insure most imported motor caravans from Europe and Japan, including the Ci motorhome, Mazda Bongo, Freda and Nissan Elgrande to name just a few. Please call us to check.

Fifth Wheel Motor Caravans

The fifth wheel is a towable caravan that connects to a pickup directly above the rear axle by way of a special fifth wheel hitch. This causes several feet of the connected trailer to hang over the tow truck, placing about 15 to 25% of the trailer’s weight on the rear axle of the truck. This makes it easier to tow (and reverse) than a caravan. The downside is that you have to have a fifth wheel hitch fitted to your pickup bed, but you can of course unhitch the caravan and use the pickup to travel to local attractions!

Demountable Motor Caravans

The demountable camper is a self-contained unit which is attached to a pickup but can be demounted and used independently. With advanced motorised Jack Legs, the camper can be lowered with ease to provide low level entry without the use of steps, mounting and dismounting is a single handed operation.

Self Build Motor Caravans

Self-build motor caravans are vehicles that have been converted individually and not by a recognised converter. To qualify for our special scheme rates we do ask that the vehicle is fully converted withing 3 months of inception. We will require an independent engineer to confirm that it has been fully converted adn to give some idea of the market value.

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